19 Disember 2016 . Tarikh bermakna . Pertama kali Anis letak gambar diri sendiri dekat blog 😓 . 

Assalamualaikum , salam sejahtera , hai , annyeonghaseyo ^^

ANIS NABILAH is my name . No need to know my father's name . 
Will be 19 on 2017 . 
anisnabilah53@yahoo.com *email lah kan lagi senang*
Mula berblogging sejak tahun 2011 , tapi jarang update dan suka delete post lama 
Suka buat aktiviti di luar dengan kawan sekolah yg sekepala with me 
Still thinking whether I'm still the same person out there compared here
Currently I'm not watching any drama , but keep downloading 
I'm easily falling in love with new songs in various language
I'm quite talkative but rarely update my blog
I wish I can read the others' mind
Interested in gardening , but don't really like when someone gives flowers as a gift erghh
Love to traveling to somewhere with cold surrounding 
A part-time photographer to my friends *sometimes*
Don't mess with me of you don't want to see me 'naik hantu' 
Kadang-kadang mudah terbelit pemikiran dengan perbualan orang
Aku suka haiwan , especially kucing , hamster dan arnab . Don't you see them as a cute creatures ?
I just don't like someone touches my stuff . And you COPY CATS . PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HERE !!!
Do greet me , Anis akan balas :)
You got something curious in your mind about me? Ask me then 
I'm not a star , but I'll shine by my own way 
I love Western food a lot :) it's totally my style 

Bye >.<