25 Things That Make Me Happy

Friday, February 19, 2016

The Rules
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What are the 25 things that make me happy ? 
  1. Yummy food . Of course , food always being top priority . 
  2. Travel . 
  3. Go for shopping *cuci-cuci mata je , tak beli pun takpa*
  4. The smell of new books . *sedap woo*
  5. Went for a book fair . 
  6. Buy a lot of books .
  7. Do something crazily and lantak lah orang lain nak kata apa . 
  8. Keluar dengan kawan-kawan seangkatan . 
  9. Kawan buat surprise punyalah terok kat asrama .
  10. Having a new camera lens .
  11. Go for nice place and snap a lot of picturesque panorama .
  12. Bring maktok jalan-jalan .
  13. Family gathering on Hari Raya Aidilfitri . 
  14. Mandi sungai .
  15. Riding a banana boat .
  16. Sea and beach .
  17. Watch bias comeback with new songs  . 
  18. Bias make a cover of English songs .
  19. Blogging .
  20. Got a new lip balms , lip sticks , lip glosses . *Having fun by collecting it*
  21. Own an Instax Mini 8 *I'm buying it using my own money 100%*
  22. School *this is really true , I'm an alumnae now so I miss it and school totally daebak*
  23. Swimming .
  24. Skodeng crush ngan geng :3 *pervert nya kau lmao*
  25. Face SPM along with friends . 
Mianhae uolls , for not tagging other person after this , just because I saw a lot of bloggers on my following list also doing this before I am


  1. No. 9 sama, pernah kena jugak. Haha :D

  2. Yg no 18 tuh bahagia sangat kalau terjadi. Tapi malangnya bias saya dlm group pun nyanyi 2 baris je. Aduhduhduh

  3. bau buku baru mmg best! hehehe. and go shopping even just cuci mata is also same like me! kadang tu belek je lebih macam nak beli je pungpanggg tanya tanya kat promoter alih2 tak beli pun kekekekee


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