It's A Must Have Women Shoes !

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good evening everyone and good evening too beautiful shoes ~~~

As you know , woman being well-known as shoes lover including me . I can't take my eyes off form that variety colour of shoes . How about all of you ? Just tell me . 

Want to know something Every girl in their 20’s should know the must-have women shoes that they need to rock. Yeah , we might be still searching the right style and suit perfectly to us but we almost overlooked on something . So , here some types of shoes that may be the perfect one for you ! 
  • Flip flops

Some people might think that flip flops make you look sloppy but that is not entirely true. For someone who love going to beach , or maybe someone who still studying , I'm sure enough that all they need is something comfortable and here this flip flops will give you a comfortable feel ~~ It also makes you easy to move around . This is the best must-have women shoes I can recommend to all of you because I'm enjoy using my flip flops too since I'm also a student . You can match this flip flops with your outfit like this ;

  • High heels 

High heels does give woman feel extra confident and womanly feeling inside . Other than that, you might be fresh out of college hitting interviews and the corporate world building your career, high heels will definitely bring you a long way in sense of style and maturity. You can choose any from the wide range of these high heels . For me , I love to wear a dark colour one . Like this ;

  • Sneakers 

This kind of shoes is the most popular among youngster in their 20's . Anyone will love to wear this because it suits well with their lifestyle which is having a lot of things to do , hanging out with friends maybe ? Instead you are being comfortable with this sneakers , this shoes give you trendy and fashionable appearance :)

This is totally awesome if I can have it all but money is not something just like rain , being poured from the sky . Anyway guys , have fun and did you finally found the best shoes that suit you well ? Haha , please forgive me for my bad English tho ! Annyeong ~~


  1. i only have sneakers and sandal haha

  2. sandals more comfortable ^^, kalau nak tinggi guna wedges tak sakit kaki sangat hihi


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