2017 Beauty Product Wishlist

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
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Salam guys , 

I hope it is a not tooooo early for entry like this to appear . Yeah we must set up our mind a few months before , so I can start saving and do a proper calculation with my pocket money before a new semester begin this December . I wish I could save a lot , but the money gone when I saw food -.-

Alright stop nagging , below here I already simplify all the things I wish I could buy in 2017 or maybe all of this will remain in the wishlist  😭 .

Lastly ,

If some of you already tried the products listed above , please share with me your experience , I hope you won't mind ;)

I just realised all the above were 100% Korean product . 


  1. I wanted the Innisfree Smart Foundation but it gets mixed reviews though :/ but nice picks!

  2. haven't try it before lol but i saw good reviews from other ppl's blog

  3. No doubt, Korean products especially skincare is the best! I want Innisfree foundation too. I heard it is good. Padahal tadi lalu depan outlet Innisfree tapi langsung tak teringat nak beli. haha

    1. kat penang ni pulak sadisnya takda kedai innisfree, tu yang susah TT_TT

  4. Banyak nya wishlist..
    Done follow sini..

  5. i've always wanted the egg mousse pack too! :(

  6. wow baru tahu pasal innisfree tapping lip concealer tu hehe. rasa macam nak try la pulak XD


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