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Monday, November 28, 2016

Wait . What ? Kissing ? 

I'm not talking about my first kiss or what . I do kiss my family members only , plus minus my old teddy bears and last but not least , my 'bantal busuk' maybe ;3

I'm telling you , this upcoming blockbuster romance drama entitled 'First Kiss For The Seventh Time' or '7 First Kisses' . This drama was produced by Lotte Duty Free , of course the main point is to promote The Lotte Duty Free itself . It's a great idea ! Viewers will never miss this out because of its cast . Here the poster 

*click for a larger image*

A few days ago, the teaser was released , and someone already add the subtitle . Such a nice person helping a K-Poppers like me that basically got no knowledge about Hangul . *I do understand a bit of their conversation itu pun yang selalu dengar kat dalam drama lah ye*

This drama will be aired on mid of December 2016. Ahh why must at that time -.-

" The teaser showed the interaction of the lucky leading lady with the seven heartthrobs. 'First Kiss for the Seventh Time' follows the story of Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee), a girl who never had a boyfriend before. She meets a shopping goddess (Choi Ji Woo) who will let him choose one guy out of the seven who would be her first kiss. The story will take place at a Lotte Duty Free store."

The handsome actors are : 

Mr. Perfect , Lee Joon Gi
Romantic Boss , Park Hae Jin
Sexy Secret Agent , Ji Chang Wook
My Charming Student , Kim Jong In
Rich Family's Innocent Son , Ok Taecyeon
Nation's Most Beloved Actor , Lee Jong Suk
Free Spirit Traveler , Lee Min Ho 
I will choose Taecyeon . Well, I will be forever Hottest *a fandom of 2PM* 


How about you ? Which one will you choose ? 


  1. Lee min ho, Lee Jong Suk, park hae jin! hhahahaha. Ramainya hensem! pengsan!

  2. still can't decide which team i'll be in cause i like all the actors!! can't wait for this drama

  3. i setia dgn lmh!!! but wait ..kenapa nak satu kalau boleh semua *indream*

  4. all of them. cant choose just one! haha

  5. all of them are my favourite tbh!!! aaa especially jongin hes my favourite in exo ;-;


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