I'm The Oldest But I'm Not A Leader

Sunday, November 06, 2016
Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera ,

Yes . I'm talking about K-Pop groups . Mostly the oldest member will be automatically chosen as the band's leader , but for certain band , they choose someone else as they have their own reason to make it that way . But still the younger person being choose as the leader will find it is a little bit awkward to make someone older than you follow everything you're asking for *it's my opinion* . Anyway, let's move on and have a look at them .

1) Tae Il (Block B) 

The leader of Block B is Zico which is 2 years younger than Tae Il .
*Tae Il of BLOCK B*

2) Na Yeon (Twice) 

The leader of Twice is Jihyo which is born in 1997 , also 2 years younger than Na Yeon .
*Na Yeon of TWICE*

3) Mark Tuan (Got 7)

Yes , Mark is a year older than Jaebum , the current leader . But Mark , your age doesn't suit your cute face tho . yes he is cute but not in the picture below
 *this is Mark , he is not a Korean*

4) Min Seok a.k.a Xiumin (EXO)

Yes , as most of K-Poppers especially EXO-L know that Suho is their leader , actually both of them were born in the same year , but Xiumin is older than Suho about 2 months only . 
*i just can't believe xiumin going to be 26 y/o next year , he just tooooo cute*

5) Park Bom (2NE1)

This is the most shocking part , I don't really got into this group so that's why I just know that Bom is quite old than the other member , she was born in 1984 , while the leader , CL was born in 1991. 
*oh bom meletup*

6) Cao Lu (Fiestar)

Maybe not many of you acknowledge this group, Cao Lu is one of the member which is Chinese , maybe this is why she was not being chosen as the leader even she is 3 years older than the current leader named Jei .
*Watch her in We Got Married paired with Jo Se Ho*

7) Seokjin (Bangtan Boys)

Our pinky prince princess is the oldest one , no wonder he acts like a mom in BTS . He took care of all the members well , while the current leader , Namjoon a.k.a Rap Monster being called as 'appa' in this group , i burst into tears while reading fans' meme about these two guy.
*even i ship for NamJin hehehehe*

8) Bora (Sistar)

Bora was born on 30th January 1990 , while Hyorin on 11th January 1991 . 
*she is the main rapper , vocalist and the main dancer*

9) Woori (Rainbow)

Woori was born in February while Jae Kyung which is the leader was born in December on the same year , 1988 . Both of them still looks younger than age 

10) CNU (B1A4)

Shin Dong Woo also CNU was born on 16th June 1991 , while B1A4's leader , Jin Young was born on 18th November 1991 . CNU is a vocalist and also a rapper , he must have a nice voice maybe 
*i saw on a website , there's a poll of which member is the fans' bias, unfortunately CNU is the least being shosen*

I made up 10 group only . Suddenly I realise that age is not an important measure to be a leader , and yeah if we are not a leader of a group or whatever it is , we are the leader of ourself . We have to make all the decision and that decision might change the future too . 

Ignore my kindergarten like English .

Good night . 


  1. Taeil and Jin are baes <3 They are so cute seriously hahaha. Oh btw, boleh download kat sini AI ; http://adobe-illustrator.en.softonic.com/


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