I Win Another Voucher !

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Assalamualaikum !

Guys , did you read my entry HERE ? Yeah , I win that RM5 discount voucher last Thursday , and I need to use that before next Thursday , on 15th December 2016 . BUT ! I just win another voucher for today , there are 2 voucher in my wallet .

Actually, I don't think I have to buy anything and I already have a lot of mask that I do not wear yet . Lipstick ? I got too many already . Others ? I can't think of something . So, I feel like wanna let someone else use it , do you want it ? I can help you buy the things that you want . 

You can take a look at HERMO .

Here are my e-mail : anisnabilah53@yahoo.com to contact me 


  1. tahniah! :)

    jemput singgah dan komen


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