Peripera Airy Ink Velvet Coming Soon on HERMO !

Saturday, April 08, 2017

A new product launched by Peripera will be sell on Hermo

Date : 11 April 2017

This product come with 5 choices of colours : 

#1 - Heart Grapefruit
#2 - Pretty Orange Pink
#3 - Sold Out Red
#4 - Beautiful Coral Pink
#5 - Elf Light Rose

I just watched Edward Avila's video of review and swatches on Youtube . And I already fall in love with number 2,4 & 5. Yes , the formula of the lip tint are better and smoother than Peripera Ink Velvet . It doesn't make your lips looks dry . And definitely , I'll try this later !


  1. Best ke pakai lip tint? Bibir selalu jadi kering kalau pakai lip tint, so kalau malas bersiap je pakai lip balm + lip tint keluar. Hee 😁

    1. bagi anis, best ! sebab bila anis pakai bibir tak kering dan mengelupas pastu dia punya range colour yg anis minat :) sebab anis tak suka sgt nude lipstick


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