Law Of The Jungle in Kota Manado

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Hi everybody ! 

Recently , I wasted a lot of my time just to watch this series, well this one is really interesting! Sampai sekarang Anis dah tak tengok Running Man, dah tawar hati sejak Gary keluar dan penambahan ahli tu. Jadi, Anis cuma tengok variety show yang lain .

So, let's get back to this show . 

Manado (pronounced [maˈnado] in Manado Malay, [məˈnado] in Indonesian, Chinese: 万鸦老; pinyin: Wàn yā lǎo)) is the capital city of the North Sulawesi province of Indonesia. Manado is located at the Bay of Manado, and is surrounded by a mountainous area. The city had 675,411 inhabitants at the 2010 Census, making it the second-largest city in Sulawesi after Makassar. The latest official estimate (for January 2014) is 701,390. [Source : Wikipedia]

I decided to watch Kota Manado series because of its guest. This is because of one of Bangtan Boys' member named Kim Seok Jin .
The theme of the trip to the jungle that will take place on the Sunda Islands located on the equator is { Zero Bases, Three No's }. They have to survive without 3 elements of survival. Since the member are from their teens to 50s, they decided to go as a family, not a tribe 💖 Pemilihan member untuk trip yang ke-29 ni berdasarkan "The Rising Star of 2017" , episod di Kota Manado ni adalah episod pertama bagi tahun 2017.

Bagi survival zone yang pertama, there will be no land. Bayangkan lah for 24 hours, they need to stay floating. Bagi yang mabuk laut, agak susah nak bertahan, krew-krew pun ada yang pening lalat disebabkan ombak yang beralun.

The second one is no source of power contohnya lampu sebab lampu tu sumber cahaya, syarat ni bermula lepas tamat first survival zone, sebab jungle family akan berakit ke pulau untuk sambung dengan second survival zone. Syarat untuk dapatkan kembali cahaya dengan menangkap sebarang jenis haiwan it doesn't matter if it is edible or not. They need to go through every survival zone for 24 hours.
Third and the last one is living without Chief Byung Man. Semua dah cuak risau sangat macam mana hidup tanpa Byung Man. But they need to ! so at last terpaksa bahagikan semua member inti 3 groups. The first one { Da Hoon, Gong Myung & Cheng Xiao } second , { Jin, Sol Bi & Sleepy } and Byung Man is alone since he is an expert in surviving.
Moments that I can't forget :
  • They eat snake and ergh the way they describe the taste of snake's meat eww 😷.
  • The other member just cannot find the answer of Jin's dad jokes but they pasrah aje lah dengan lawak hambar dia tu.
  • Jin managed to catch only using Bangtan's light stick.
  • Gong Myung's slapstick gag 😂
  • Jin got dehydrated and need to rest but he couldn't stay until last because he need to go back.
 This trip will continue after they replace the member . Guess who are them?

Kangnam will accompany Byung Man in every trip afterwards. 

They bring idol with their best friends and soon best friend for this episode. Each couple need to compete to get the 'best couple' title. The funniest here is Young Chul & Jung Soo. Tae Oh and Kyungri just get to know each other through this show, and the other keep telling these two to go out dating in real life just because they seems to be really close after only a day .
  • Min Seok is older than Sungyeol but Sungyeol doesn't really treat him as a big bro.
  • Min Seok will never give up easily.
  • Jung Soo gives canary to Young Chul in case he will be bored after he go back to Korea in the middle of filming.
  • Tae Oh can climb a 20m coconut tree.
 What they do other than that ? YOU CAN WATCH HERE 💙 Episodes in Kota Manado will be 248-255.


  1. I pun ingat dah nak tawar hati tengok runningman. Tapi sbb fav variety, tengok jela RM. Not bad! Still best. And Gary memang nak jauh dari RM. He changed his number phone. :( hahaha


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