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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Oh no! I'm using a wrong term , it should be a product line extension not a new product line ==' 

Finally I wrote this . I guess Nano White will never stop producing a new product. As last week I got a chance to wander around a new Tesco nearby, I went there with my cousins . I will never skip the skincare section , and I saw this :

I'm being excited without now no reason . Let me introduce you in case you were like me also *I mean soemone that don't know these not so new launched product*. I'd been like a katak bawah tempurung since I'm studying in Alor Gajah -.-

Nano White Fresh Milk Cleanser
Price : RM 15.90

This cleanser is purposely produced for those who have a sensitive skin ; while the other two :
  • Nano White Fresh Foam Cleanser {for all skin types}
  • Nano White Fresh Gel Cleanser {formulated for the oily skin}
This milk cleanser can also remove light makeup . But make sure that you have remove all your makeups before washing your face. So, nanti tak lah jadi breakout 💆

Nano White Fresh Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask
Price : RM 21.90

As usual, mask also becoming a part of skincare routine and you are advised to wear this mask twice or three times a week only. I won't buy this since my Freeman mask still not finish yet , maybe I just used only half ?

Last but not least ;

Nano White Fresh Sleeping Essence
Price : RM 24.90
Product details : 
  • Enriched with Red Seaweed, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin C, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin C and Sea Algae
  • Promote skin whitening while you sleep
  • Keeps your skin hydrated and moisturised
  • Helps to refine skin texture, regulate sebum and brighten overall skin tone
  • Can be used as night cream or sleeping mask
This product attracts me the most , but actually this sleeping essence is very alike to mattifying moisturiser 😆 I will consider to buy this later 💢 If some of you too lazy to go shopping this, you can purchase it online whether at Guardian or Watsons . I advise you to buy this product at Watsons or Guardian because the product being sold for a higher price in supermarket or grocery . 

For those yang dah try those products , mind to share with me your opinion ?


  1. I didn't know that Nano White Fresh has new products added. My favourite from this range would be Miracle Mist. So refreshing 😊

  2. the sleeping mask and charcoal mask are tempting! :') But I'm so lazy when it comes to some face-night-routine that I would usually skip - terus tidur instead :')

  3. i know nothing about this new line products.. yang charcoal mask tu macam best je..

    1. try tau! nanti buat la entry satu ~

  4. I used to love the normal nano white but then ever since I tried a serum, my skin can't tolerate nano white products anymore.. Such a waste.. :/

    1. mungkin waktu tu kulit belum cukup matang nak terima serum :9

  5. Just started using the charcoal mask once last night. I thought it would be like something black in colout or at least ashy colour but somehow it turned out to be dark blue-ish i guess haha . I wait for bout 8-10 min then i rinse it off .. its like a cream yknow.. i feel super super refreshed, skin is like baby- so sooftt , and idk if its just me exagerating but i felt slightly whiter ���� . I dont know the advantage it'll give to my face for the long run since i just wore it like once. Will be looking forward to see the outcome later on

    1. i dont think that you are being exaggerating abt it since nano white do helps whiten the skin :) anyway thank you for sharing abt this ^^

  6. I've been using the Nano White Fresh Aqua Sleeping Essence for like 2 months. Memang baguss gilerr untuk yang ada acne prone skin tuhh, bile first time gune memang tak nampak kesan, lepas 5 hari gune(make sure gune tiap2 malam K)..perghh...jerawat tuh memang berkurang, kulit rase licin jee. Nak kata cerah tuh aku ada nampak perubahan lepas 1minggu lebih camtuh..tapi Alhamdulillah, sekarang nih muke dah putih..dah floless dah uollss..(bukan nak angkat bakul, Nano White nih memang memberikan kesan yang baguiihhhh sgt..tapi kene saborr la gune ye uolssss!!)

    1. thanks nana for your sharing :D lpas ni anis kena cari satu >.<


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