The Blue Sky Tag #1

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

I 'm being tagged by this lady :) I will always break the rules .


1. Explain me anything about me . 

- As you already know, my name is Anis . Ahh seriously I hate the fact I'm short but sometimes I don't mind this since my friends will volunteer themselves to do something for me since they said I'm so small to do that.

2. Explain me anything you know about me XD -if you don't know, it's okey-

- Your name is Selma Asiela Badzlin and you are 3 years younger than me . Hey I like your blog because it is very simple and easy to navigate .

3. What makes you a blogger ?

- I'm interested in this since one of my classmates also runs a blog when we were 13 .

4. How did you start making a blog ? 

- Being influenced by a good friend of mine .

5. Tell me about your passion .

- I don't have a fixed passion .

6. What is your boyfriend type ? 

- I never have a boyfriend 😌 and I don't think I should put a specification for them to be one

 7. What is your personality type ? Introvert ? Extrovert ? Ambivert ? 

 You can take the test here !

8. Your favorite music genre ? Why ? 

-  Pop , ballad and EDM . EDM is electronic dance music! You will understand why I listen to this kind of songs after hearing this 

IOI - Pick Me
BTS - Dope 
4Minute - Crazy 

9. Your favorite movie genre ? Why ? 

- Horror . You got no jams if you don't watch it ! *you'll understand this line if you stan BTS* 

10. What's your passion ? 

- What ? Passion fruit ? 

11. Your motto ? 

- I don't know how to ride a motorcycle .  

#too lazy to answer this


  1. I would put EDM songs as my running playlist :D Something energetic!

  2. Hahaha #toolazy to answerthis, patut jawapan pendek2 je.

  3. Pick me is my favourite song too..! XD

  4. nombor 3 tu kita samalah!
    saya pun start blogging sbb ikut kawan, tpi sekarang ni kawan saya tu dh tak berblogging dah, saya je yg masih teruskan hehe

    1. yes it is the same! kawan anis sekarang dah delete dah pun blog dia :3

  5. Horror movies are totally not my cup of tea.. Penakut memang macam ni.. Oh, and pick me season 2 version, apatah tajuk dia.. Adlin rasa tu pun addictive juga ^^

    1. tapi kdg2 kalau cerita mmg seram sgt, terbawak masuk mimpi gak :O nanti anis try dengar lagu tu ^^

  6. cool XD feelin guilty bcs it's too late to see bout your freakin funny answers XD


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