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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Came up with a new segment for my blog . Kinda like a mini wishlist of mine of things from certain brand . So , I would to start with 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) . 3CE is the popular Korean cosmetics brands of Style Nanda and the brand (3CE) is one of the youngest and most fun brands on the block, dealing in nail polish, eye makeup products and more.

Official website : http://en.stylenanda.com/
Stylenanda is a South Korea-based clothes brand. The company was founded in 2004 by Nanda. It had further expanded internationally and established branches in several countries, namely Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan and the Thailand.

1. 3CE Liquid Lip Color (RM 70-79)
Source : sugarponies
  • super pigmented
  • 10 shades you can choose
  • easy to apply
  • last long on your lips  
  • I will pick #Low Down & #Rolling

2. 3CE Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit (RM 200-RM 230) / RM 69-79 for each

Source : 11street
  • matte type with creamy texture
  • the shades attract me so much because before this i never want to try a nude / chocolatey lipstick 
  • maybe this lipstick can give you extra confidence 😂 yeahh you need to spread the positive vibesss

3. 3CE Lily MayMac Stylenanda (RM 79-90)

Source : kbeauty
  • nothing there to say just whyyyy 😠 good job stylenanda you just collab with lily then she influenced me by uploading her photos on instagram while wearing those 
  • don't know if sephora selling this or not ? i guess not !
  • if you want to buy , just go to 11street right now , got 35% discount ! RM 35 only till when idk


  1. I really love the shades in 3CE Mood Recipe Lip Color because I am a huge fan of nude-colored lipsticks! The price though, but I think it's okay kot spend lebih sikit for these products hehe

  2. Envy you! cikja tak reti nak guna make up ni semua :)

    1. try la sikit2 nanti mesti pro ! anis pun pandai pakai lipstick & blusher je hahahaha

  3. Can u update yr cbox? Bcause I cannot see yr cbox.

  4. I have a friend that wish to have one of these too ! She's crazy about any korean product 😂

  5. I love 3CE but nude-coloured lipsticks are so not me. Tapi ada satu red collection tu pun lawa.

    1. yess right ! tapi red tu macam tak dapat sangat nak beza each dia

  6. suka warna-warnanya... natural saja


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