Eyeing For Off Shoulder Top

Friday, August 25, 2017
 Heyy creatures ! Good evening night for you πŸ’š

Nowadays I can't let myself go surfing ? stalking ? like most instagram accounts just to cuci mata sebab nanti dia akan terdetik rasa nak beli sesuatu πŸ’† Can you see the title for this post ? Yess I was mencuci mata melihat baju-baju yang sekarang ni lawa-lawa di jual dekat instagram . Tapi , jangan risau this time takkan terbeli punya baju-baju yang sebegini (baca tajuk) sebab I don't know how to cover the shoulder if I but this kind of clothes . And plus mesti nanti maktok asyik tanya "Hang nak pakai pi mana lagu ni ni ?" eheh πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Sepanjang aktiviti meng'usha' baju ni , I try to think on how to make sure I can wear this type of clothes by checking the area that will showing off skin , the sleeves is loose / tight and length of the top. Nanti bila ada design yang betul-betul boleh match dengan memakai inner , yes saya akan beli satu ! 

Ig : nishxnish
Ig : nishxnish
Since I saw her often wearing an off top shoulder so I guess we also weed to give it a try ! So after this I will share some of the hasil meng'usha' . 

Ig : thehanger88 . RM 38 .
Ig : thehanger88 . RM 38 .
Ig : thehanger88 . RM 33 . The other shop sell this RM35. This one I like the most πŸ’ž 

Ig : instyleandco_ RM38. Oh rupanya boleh kalau tak nak show off bahu πŸ˜™

 Ig : instyleandco_  RM38 .

Ig : instyleandco_  . RM 35 . Maybe this is the easiest to match with your  inner
 Ig : instyleandco_   RM35 .

Ig : instyleandco_  . RM35. Common colour we can see everywhere .
Ig : thehanger88  RM39 . Really love that one in green and yellow 😍

Ig : thehanger88  . RM33 .

Ig : blacksecret.co  RM 32 . Walla ! Really like this one too.
Menarik tak semuanya yang ditayangkan ? Kalau anda orang yang pandai berfesyen tu , jomlah share tips anda memilih baju !

"Ek eleh , ntah pape ntah dia ni minat baju macam ni." maybe some of you will think like this but nevermind .

I'll end it here .

I said this to my best friend , "Apa function dia buat baju macam ni πŸ˜… ?"


  1. I really the 1st picture & 8th picture style for off-shoulder top, my preferences kalau pilih baju firstly, color baju tu mesti sesuai & comfortable. Secondly, the price and last but not least, kalau pakai baju tu ofc kena nampak sesuai dengan badan 'v'


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