Top Favourite Song #December2017

Friday, December 29, 2017

Don't really know what to post so I just come up with an idea to share on songs that I'm listening to 💘 and before that I'm so sorry maybe all of them are korean song because I only listen to english or malay song on youtube i don't save it in 'Play Music' so yeahh lettttggoooo 

1. Like We Used To { The Rose }
Times when I prayed for tomorrow not to come
Times when I just sadly looked
Times when those faces were good
They pass by and I can’t stand it
Those times were better
Those days were happier
I still can’t let you go like this
Sometimes, I heard about you
Even that made me happy
Released on early November, I already love their band since their debut which is on August this year too. Heyyy come on! You should listen to their songs since they write and compose it by themself . That's so cool of them 💟

2. Sea { BTS }
Where there is hope, there are trials

I thought the sea was here but it turned out to be a desert
Small company’s idols with nothing special was my second name
Countless of times edited out from broadcasts
Someone’s fill-in, our dream
Some people said our company was small so we wouldn’t be famous
This song is a hidden track, not including in their latest album 'Love Yourself'. I don't even know BTS release this song till Namjoon maybe? He stated that this song is one of his fav 😺 They express their feelings by the lyrics tho 

3. How Long { Charlie Puth }
How long has this been goin' on?
You been creepin' 'round on me
While you callin' me "baby"

One of my fav singer 😆  I still can listen to his song every day eventhough it was being released like almost 3 months ? Nevermind, lagu abang Puth memang tak pernah mengecewakan 😭

4. To Us { VIXX }
Even if I go back to the beginning
I wanna go with you
I wanna laugh with you like now
Wanna hurt with you and become an adult
If we’re together, it’ll be less hard and more joyful
We love every day but I don’t get tired of you
Let’s go for a long time

Lyrics written by Ravi (one of the member) himself 😍 I'm listening to this before sleep rasa macam syahdu ja 😮
Come and share you fav songs on this month 🙆


  1. i dont think i know all of 'em. i mean i rarely listen to music these days. maybe i just forgotten all of 'em. but i think i wanna try and listen those songs too. hehe. i do know but im not sure if it's the right one.

  2. e'in suke lagu no 3.. hihi

  3. I love The Rose too! They're underrated compared to other kpop boy bands. My fav songs for this month are all the songs from Every Day6 December :)

    1. we feel them underrated maybe because they are new in industry? because they just debuted. but no doubt that all day6's songs are the best <3

  4. Sorry by The Rose is still my current favorite-- can't get over it

    1. woahh me too sometimes must be listening to it before going to sleep


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