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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Annyeong 🐠

Ohho ! This gonna be a drama review post again. Since I love to waste fill my leisure time by watching drama or movie so why not I share my thought about it to all of you 🌱 Let's begin 🍪

Title : Somehow 18
Aired on : 28th August - 8th September 2017
Total episodes : 10
Duration : 15 minutes per episode
Cast : 
  • Choi Min Ho as Oh Kyung Hwi
  • Lee Yoo Bi as Han Na Bi
  • Yoo Joon Hong as Ma Ki Ho
  • Kim Hee Chan as Jang Seul Ki
Synopsis by MyDramaList :

The web drama tells the story of a popular orthopedic surgeon, Oh Kyung Hwi, who used to be a loner and a bullying victim during his high school days. In order to save his first love, who committed suicide, Kyung Hwi goes back in time to when he was 18 years old.

My thought : 

Macam drama Manhole, Oh Hyung Kwi in this drama can travel back to his high school era. He saw Han Na Bi when he drunk and follow her until he disappear after entering a door. He become determined to know the reason Na Bi commit suicide and try to change the history so that he can still meet Na Bi in the future. I like the cast so much since I know that Minho as Hyung Kwi is a good actor even waktu mula-mula terlibat dengan dunia lakonan ni, tak nampak pun 'kekayuan' dia 🌾

Heroin dia  Lee Yoo Bi jangan di cakap lah bakatnya. This is because her mom is also an actress 🍤  Ohh her little sister pun pelakon jugak 😻 Han Na Bi always looking cool dan selalu tak nampakkan kesedihan dia. Actually, Na Bi stress dengan life sendiri selepas kes kematian her best friend. Dia dihantui rasa bersalah disebabkan keluarga rakan-rakan dan ayah dia yang tak pedulikan perasaan dia jugak. That's why she commit suicide bila dah habis upaya nak pendam seorang diri. 

There will a plot twist, and please make sure you understand the situation sebab dia ada macam scene flashback. Banyak jugak scene lawak dalam ni 😀 You guys will laugh after you saw Hyung Kwi's hair hmm maybe not 😆

If you like drama dengan background budak-budak sekolah yes you should watch this ! Banyak pesanan pembakar semangat bagi manusia di luar sana yang terasa macam nak bunuh diri tu 👏 Dan yang suka tengok drama pendek-pendek pun amatlah digalakkan to watch this 😄

Sorry don't know what to tell you more about this because you really need to watch it by yourself to know and understand but what I can tell is this drama will make you anticipate the next scene 


Where to watch ? 

Kissasian already combine the episode and it become only 2 episode. 


  1. My friend pun paksa i tengok cerita ni haha

  2. didn't familiar with the female lead but will take a peek soon haha! thanks for the review <3


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