Things I Learn From Playing Sudoku

Monday, February 05, 2018

The history of Sudoku puzzles likely has it roots in the mathematical concept of Latin Squares. Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician, in the 1780's developed the idea of arranging numbers in such a way that any number or symbol would occur only once in each row or column. Latin Squares is used in statistical analysis.

Sudoku rules add the restraint that each region may only have the numbers (or symbols) occurring but once. Howard Garns, an architect from Indianapolis, is credited with creating this rule when he developed the puzzle we know as Sudoku.

Dell Magazines published the puzzle under the name of Number Place for over 25 years. It is a staple of Dell Magazines to this day. You can find Number Place in Dell Collector's Series. Presently Dell Magazines publishes several Sudoku puzzle books with such titles as Dell Original Sudoku, Dell Extreme Sudoku, and Dell Maximum Sudoku to name a few.

Sudoku is definitely an American invention, but the name isn't. Introduced into Japan by Nikoli under the name of 'Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru' roughly translating to mean the numbers must be unmarried or single. Thankfully the name has been shortened to SUDOKU.

Ruler for the solutions : 

  1. Each row, column, and nonet can contain each number (typically 1 to 9) exactly once.
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Wanna know why do I love to play this even though some of you might think this game is really not  into your liking since you need to think a lot and hard to solve it 💦 Haa ! Everyone has their own preferences towards game right ? For me, I don't like Candy Crush seriously I'm not even lying 😣

1. Calm your mind 

Hahahhahaha this seems like an unbelievable reason for you to hear 💆 But it actually works when you're thinking slowly on how to arrange all the numbers, you will try to calm down and start think. Everything cannot be done perfectly if your mind were in mess. 

2. Think deeper before take an action 

This game will train you to be more cautious before do something maybe in all aspects such as in making decision or even before you talk to someone 👩. I try my best to think before speak because I don't people around me hurt and not being comfortable with me, but sometimes nahhh went you are getting nearer towards 'the date' so your emotions sucks as well. At that time, I tend to follow my heart without thinking the consequences. I admit that I am a mean person at that time 💩.

3. Brave to take risk

When you are not sure on which number you shall put first because you lack of hints, you will try to jot down the number in any box that you think relevant to be there. The risk I mention is you may need to erase all the answer that you have written. Some goes to your life.

4. Be patient

Maybe this point just the same as number one? Since in order to be calm, you need to have patience.  Of course, in order to complete all the boxes with numbers without any errors 💢 may need a high level of patience. Need to remember this guys ;

A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you from a hundred moments of regret.

5. Focus

In order to not make mistake like I always do such as hurriedly fill in the number without check the other box horizontally and vertically twice. I learn that if you want to success, you need to focus so that you will not do any silly mistake.

Maybe that's all that I can think at the moment. Hey you guys should try to play this since not all of sudoku puzzle is hard, they have their level which is easy, intermediate and hard. If you are a beginner you can start with the easy one first ! 💚

Currently I'm working on this book. Purchase it last September but couldn't finish it yet 😅 but I'm proud of myself that I manage to finish about 3 or 4 books before this one 💞

Okay done membebel hari ni , good night 👽 dan berharap duit voucher buku masuk cepat nak beli lagi buku buku macam gini 🙆


  1. i used to love playing sudoku back during the school days.

  2. time sekolah dulu mmg giler main sudoku skrang tak rajin dah nak tengok sudoku ni..hehe

  3. Not a fan of sudoku but sometimes it is fun to try something new! :)

  4. Wow.. lamanye tak main sudoku ni..
    Rindu pulak.

  5. Sudoku ni seronok tapi kekadang buat I give up haha. I prefer word search, that's my fav.

    1. i dont really word search sbb game tu mcm tak thrill :3

  6. Dah lama jugak tak main. Dulu2 pernah habis satu buku jugaklah. Beli buku kedua, tak habis2 sampai sekarang. Hehe :P

  7. Dulu-dulu rajin main sudoku. Papa pernah cakap, kalau rajin main sudoku, nanti susah nak Alzheimer. Tapi sejauh mana kebenaran, adlin pun tak tahu hahah

    1. nampak gaya kena challenge diri sendiri utk at least selesaikan one puzzle a day !

  8. Dah lama tak main Sudoku. Baca post ni rasa macam nak start main Sudoku balik. Congrats sebab boleh finish buat lebih drpd 3@4 buku sebelum ni. Banyak tu!

  9. Tak pandai main sudoku dari dulu sampai sekarang. Mungkin sebab otak ni memang tak berapa cerdas kot T__T

    1. heyy dont say that ! try lah lagi ^^ mungkin awak tak berapa nak faham dia punya peraturan rasanya

  10. lama gila dah tak main sudoku :D


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