Have You Listened To 8D Music ?

Friday, March 02, 2018

Did you notice that in these past two months, there's a lot of songs being uploaded in youtube or maybe also in somewhere else portal, in 8D version? 

What is actually 8D? There's someone here said : 

The actual terminology is not 8D music, who knows where that came from. The actual term is Ambisonic music. It is destined to be the de facto audio medium for VR content, to provide an engaging VR experience to the viewers. The actual audio is delivered by first programming the audio outputs through a virtual sphere dome, then virtually recording it by a virtual recorder at the center of the virtual sphere dome, and finally, taking the amplitude results and using it to divide the audio gain and splitting it into left or right channels. This can also be done very easily on a 5.1 or 7.1 channel, although the accurate programming of those would require some time, and proper placing and setup on the users end.

Yes I do agree with her, I also don't know where they got the idea to name it as 8 dimensions right 😌 The conclusion is people give that name because they were excited to hear something that feels like the notes circulate in their mind 😅 

In order to enjoy this kind of music, you need to 

1. Use earphones or headphones
2. Close your eyes for better hearing 😂
3. A sad song might be the best for you to hear 
4. Use a higher volume, not till maximum or pekak badak 

So, here I state my fav song in 8D audio 👏

Not suitable for those who just broken up 😭 thanks Sammy for singing this 

And of course the South Korea best musician's song, Spring Day by Bangtan 💕 you can hear that sweet voice of their vocal line whispering in your ears

This is also my fav till now since it was released in June 2017 😌 bless Tae's voice

Let me know your favourite song in 8D 😽


  1. well ive nvr heard of this kind of 8D term before. this is my first time but ive listened to these songs numerous times hehehe..

  2. The Rose's Sorry is one of my fav song! :)

  3. Tak pernah dengar pula pasal 8D sebelum ni.

  4. xpernah dgr pun pasal 8D ni, nak kena cari earphone nak feel 8D music ni..hihi

    1. yess memang kena cari kalau tak , tak best !

  5. Thankyou untuk information ni, tak pernah tahu/dengar pulak pasal 8D music before this. Okay boleh try cari music in 8D version lepas ni hehe


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