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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hi ! I'm home since week 14 all class will be cancelled since we have done the syllabus and all the tests and quizzes. Masa week yang busy ni Anis lagi masih menyempat tengok satu drama baru ni 😆 gigih betul semata-mata ada first love berlakon dalam ni 💁

'Wok Of Love poster'
Title : Wok of Love / Greasy Melo
Network : SBS
Episodes : 40 
Release Date : 7th May - 10th July 2018
Running time : Monday & Tuesday 11p.m (KST)
Cast : 
  • Lee Jun Ho as Seo Poong
  • Jang Hyuk as Doo Chil Seong
  • Jung Ryeo Won as Dan Sae Woo
  • Lee Mi Sook as Jin Jung Hye
  • Park Ji Young as Chae Seol Ja

Synopsis by Asian Wiki :

Chef Seo Poong was once a star chef and worked at the best Chinese restaurant. His popularity faded and he eventually wound up working at a small, failing Chinese restaurant. Meanwhile, Doo Chil Seong is the owner of a building. He is an ex-gang member and he was in jail for 5 years.

I thought :

This drama is different from the others since I never watched a drama which is related to chef's love life which is complicated in this drama. Seo Poong is actually married but then his wife cheated on him with the owner of the hotel he worked before. I pity him. A lot. Then, come Sae Woo that happened to make him fall in love again but at the same time, he still thinking of getting revenge on his ex-wife. There you got another person to sympathize with since he never got any rejection from girls before but Sae Woo keeps telling him to not fall in love with her. She also has a complicated life since her father was maybe falsely accused of taking the bribe if I'm not mistaken, then her husband ran away on their wedding day 👰. 

I just really love to see how Sae Woo and Seo Poong starting to fell in 💗 with each other and yeahhh the kitchen made them very close towards another. There are a lot of cute and funny scenes in this drama also 😆

I do really anticipate their new episode which is on tomorrow, 11th June 2018. We already through half-way of the drama 😓 I want to watch Junho on drama every day 🙆


  1. tak sempat nak tengok lagi drama ni, but one of the ost, At the Usual Time is sung by my fav korean idol, GOT7's Youngjae!! Nanti nak tengok jugak drama ni sebab ada Junho hahaha

    1. oh yess youngjae ada nyanyi one of OST this drama ;) tak sangka full english kan lagu tu

  2. I'm currently watching this drama as well. I think this drama is weirdly funny and interesting.

  3. dah download drama ni tapi skrg tgh layan drama lain dulu hahaha. im gonna watch this :)


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