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Monday, August 13, 2018

Sorry guys this post might be not a read-worthy one towards someone who does not into K-Pop, you may exit now okay?  ✌

I've been knowing this group since 2016, it was like a few months after their debut, they came to Indonesia and sang 'Kesempurnaan Cinta' by Rizky Febian who is the original singer of that song. That video of them singing makes them popular I guess? because my friends keep talking about it and then I pun pergi lah search for it. 👻 Not bad lah but because of I don't really like lagu Indon ni, pastu buat tak tahu je lah ngan group ASTRO ni. 

Past few weeks, there's a drama released on JTBC called 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' and the hero is Cha Eun Woo. Starting from that day, I became very determined to know the rest of ASTRO's members. Before this Cha Eun Woo adalah berlakon jugak satu drama ni 'The Best Hit/Hit The Top', even not a big role, but I still can remember him but at that time his presence does not give impact to me 😅 maybe I'm focusing on the other actor in that drama 😙 Waktu tu minat sangat Kim Min Jae, so memang tak pandang la orang lain dah 😅 

Debut date: 23 February 2016
Fandom name: Aroha which means love in Maori
Members: JinJin, MJ, Cha Eun Woo, Moon Bin, Rocky, Sanha
Labels: Fantagio
Website: http://www.fantagio.kr/artists/astro/

So let's get to know each member!

I make it easier because we only want to know the basic of them rite?
I just got to know yang Moonbin before this pernah berlakon drama 'Boys Over Flower'. Guess what? He is the young version of So Yi Jun, alaa yang watak boleh buat pottery tu 😀 no wonder jugak dia boleh terpilih untuk berlakon sebab before that dia pergi audition untuk muncul dalam one of MV group TVXQ. So dalam group Moonbin dengan Eun Woo paling famous since childhood. Both pernah jadi kids model.

Seriously semua member ASTRO memang talented! Bila surf internet and found out diorang memang bukan biasa-biasa, kat sekolah perform jugak tambah-tambah si Eun Woo tu, dapat number tiga dalam keseluruhan 😆 Then, MJ dulu pernah pergi audition dengan JYP, dia tak dapat jadi trainee under JYP, but menang scholarship JYP yang taja 😙 Yoon San Ha si maknae aka youngest memang guitar genius agaknya sebab belajar dalam masa singkat dah mahir 😮

Sekarang jangan tanya kenapa Eun Woo macam the only one menonjol 😥 Aku pun tak tahu kenapa orang Korea sendiri tak tahu sangat kewujudan ASTRO diroang kenal Eun Woo je, some of them thought Eun Woo is the leader 😐 I guess it's human things you know, suka orang handsome and cantik je 😤

So sejak 4 days ago maybe, I managed to watch all of these :

  • To Be Continued [mini drama with 12 episodes that involves all ASTRO members, Fantagio made this in order to promote their new boy band, it was in 2015 because ASTRO did not debut yet]
  • Fan Heart Attack Idol TV
  • Weekly Idol [episode 256,279,307]
  • Replies That Make Us Flutter
  • Idol Star Athletics Championships [ASTRO's part]
  • ASTRO OK! Ready [variety show with 5 episodes also before they debut]
  • The Immigration [short skit before they go lo K-Con LA]
  • ASTRO Audition For HitMaker
  • ASTRO Show Champion Behind [there are so many episodes for this]
  • Meet & Greet 4th Mini Album Dream Part.01
  • Meet & Greet 5th Mini Album Dream Part.02
  • Radio Star [episode 567]
  • ASTRO Nimdle [there are 11 episodes, just around 4-8 minutes each]
  • ASTRO Special #1 - #4 by KSTYLE TV 
  • ASTRO25 Season 1 

If you want to watch them, just search it on Youtube, most of them are free to watch 😁 Last but not least, I want to recommend several songs that I like from ASTRO 🙌

Innocent Love

Crazy Sexy Cool



Always You

That's all! Always You is their new track title 💗 Give ASTRO some love 💙💚💛💜


  1. Hi! IDK what youre saying all the time but I love kpop lol
    I love MY ID is Gangnam Beauty!!! It's so good. I have heard astro music before, so im shocked the members is such a good actor. I'm addicted to the show.
    Also, Just followed u on blogger :) Great blog xoxo

    1. oh so sorry my dear, I'm using my mother tongue languange in this post =='
      but I'm so pleased to know you, who loves astro too <3

  2. Wah, die hard fan Astro ni. Lya suka Bigbang and not really into idol new generation ni hehe kecuali ikon winner n blckpink sebab under YG haha

    1. hahaha anis jadi fans diorang sbb geram bila tengok diorang kurang dpt sambutan as ASTRO :(

  3. Honestly, I only know Cha Eun Woo je dari Astro. I haven't got a chance to listen to all their songs but I love one of their songs. Tak ingat apa nama dia.

    1. hahaha I know it ready :"3

      a lot of people only know eunwoo yahh because of his super handsome image :) but their songs seriously best ! you should try listen more of it

  4. i only knew a little bit about k-pop groups but i think that i'll always have a thing for their songs because it is super catchy and interesting. same goes to k-dramas hehe

  5. I love their new track, Always You and not to mention that we cannot deny the godly good looking face like Eunwoo make our hearts flutter for no reasons hehe

  6. suka Astro dari diaorang debut lagi walaupun diaorang bukan ultimate favourite group :P tapi serious diaorang best. Moonbin <3


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