Wednesday, August 16, 2017
19 Disember 2016 . Tarikh bermakna . Pertama kali Anis letak gambar diri sendiri dekat blog 😓 . 

Assalamualaikum , salam sejahtera , hai , annyeonghaseyo ^^

  • ANIS NABILAH is my name . No need to know my father's name . 
  • Will be 20 on 2018 but still a short creature . 
  • 04-575XXXX
  • anisnabilah53@yahoo.com *email lah kan lagi senang*
  • Mula berblogging sejak tahun 2011 , tapi jarang update dan suka delete post lama 
  • Suka buat aktiviti di luar dengan kawan sekolah yg sekepala with me 
  • Still thinking whether I'm having more than one personality 
  • Currently I'm not watching any drama , but keep downloading 
  • I'm easily falling in love with new songs in various language
  • I'm quite talkative but rarely update my blog
  • I wish I can read the others' mind
  • Interested in gardening , but don't really like when someone gives flowers as a gift erghh
  • Love to traveling to somewhere with cold surrounding 
  • A part-time photographer to my friends *sometimes*
  • Don't mess with me of you don't want to see me 'naik hantu' 
  • Aku suka haiwan , especially kucing , hamster dan arnab . Don't you see them as a cute creatures ?
  • I just don't like someone touches my stuff . And you COPY CATS . PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HERE !!!
  • Do greet me , Anis akan balas :)
  • You got something curious in your mind about me? Ask me then 
  • I'm not a star , but I'll shine by my own way 
  • I love Western food a lot :) it's totally my style 

Bye >.<


What's your idea ? Share with me ;) But no harsh words please .

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